Hello, I'm Nicolas, 32 and I live in Mauritius. Being a multidisciplinary artist, I live out my passions. Music scoring, photography and film making. For the past 13 years, I have been mainly a wedding/portrait photographer and a film director. Being extremely curious by nature, I love taking new challenges where I am able to discover, learn and experiment new things. Actually acquiring more knowledge from the New York Institute of Photography in film making and I am now a proud member of the professional photographers of America (PPA).

My friends best describes me as funny, kindhearted, always make easy contact, caring, philanthropist, true and hard worker.

If all this sounds too perfect, rest assure, my best did say one day: "You are perfect with nice little flaws"

When I am not behind the cameras, I love spending time with my family specially my wife and my 2 children Hugo Emmanuel & Kelicia Rose. As a philanthropist, I am a supporter of the Lovebridge Project who's mission is to reinforce the autonomy of families living in poor conditions in Mauritius.

Now that you have learnt much about me, I am very excited to know about you.